I’ve just started to work on my fifth novel. It’s my first sequel, which in itself is a new venture for me.

If anyone out there is keeping score (Okay, nobody out there cares one way or another but let me delude myself a little bit), they may remark that I’ve only gotten one book published (Fava, which was recently published by Black Rose Writing) and one other that I self-published (Dear Dad, Amazon, 2012). This means that I have two others, waiting in the wings to be discovered.

Now, don’t get the impression that I haven’t tried very hard to get all my books discovered. Like the vast majority of writers out there, I’ve received countless rejections from agents and publishers alike (or even worse than the rejections are the ‘if you don’t hear from us assume that your work isn’t right for us’). I do sometimes ask myself the immortal questions: Why write? and Why set yourself up for disappointment after disappointment?

The answer that I keep coming back to is that I write for me. For me.

Perhaps I’d be more successful if I thought more about a target audience and tailored my books toward that audience. But that would make writing into a job. It would rob me of the quality of writing that makes it so special, so rewarding.

I write for me. Hopefully I’m not all that different from the rest of the world and what I write, what I find special, will resonate with others and be special to them as well. But if not, c’est la vie!

I’d like to know why other writers write. Are they trying to reach the masses? Certain people? Certain segments of the population?  Or do they write for themselves?